About Us


Who We Are

Pine Lane Designs is based in Canada and offers you the finest, uniquely and expertly designed and curated home goods and self-care products. Our products are ethically and responsibly designed and sourced from artisans and small businesses around the world.

We believe that home is a place you cherish and your life is the centre of your being. Hence, our constant aim is to design and curate for you a wide range of beautiful, fair traded and environmentally conscious products that add elegance, charm and beauty to your homes and lives.

We are inspired by our collective passion for travel, to experience global cultures and to provide you with better and ample choice of products that connect you to places around our planet. With this simple philosophy in mind, we launched our store. We take pride in our passion and are dedicated to providing the best experience by delivering products that add style and grandeur to your home interiors, and value to your selves.

At Pine Lane Designs, we firmly believe in the growth and development of every individual. We partner with NGOs who support the work of rural artisans around the globe, respect artisans' rights and ensure improved working conditions of every artisan.   

Our Products 

We travel to different countries, explore and experience the essence of each place and capture what's beautiful and unique and then curate our products locally. The products are hand-crafted and hand-made with great care from locally sourced materials by expert artisans using their time-honoured skills. We partner with locally operated small businesses who share our passion and values. Some of our products are designed and crafted in-house and locally produced in Canada.  Every product in the store is created and curated with much emphasis on quality, style and unique designs. Our products are a complete work of art and carefully crafted to suit every individual with a different personality, enthusiasm, and lifestyle. 

Our Mission

Here at Pine Lane Designs, we are passionate about helping you create a home you love. We aim to capture beautiful and captivating things around the earth while we design and curate them through ethical practices from the best artisans to perfectly fit your homes and lives. 

To Our Customers

Our company wants to ensure that your needs are not only met but surpassed. We work earnestly to ensure that you enjoy the best service, attention to detail, and the best possible shopping experience. We appreciate all our customers, and we are committed to the quality of our products and services.